Globe Promotions is dedicated to providing value and quality with every order. Every product we ship is held to the highest quality standard and must pass three levels of inspection before it reaches our end customer. We conduct both during-production and post-production inspections at our international manufacturing facilities. Additionally, our in-house quality control team inspects every shipment at our local warehouse in Los Angeles where orders are processed and fulfilled. We realize the importance of detailed quality and make sure our products reflect the standards of excellence our clients demand.

In addition to our core principles of quality assurance and social compliance, Globe Promotions has the experience and expertise in working with third-party safety testing and environmental certification agencies for a wide variety of products. We can help you choose the right certification for your product and end customer. Whether your project needs ongoing re-certification, or standard safety compliance testing, Globe Promotions can help you navigate the many choices.

To maintain quality from order to delivery, our Shanghai office communicates with our factories in China on a daily basis. The team is responsible for inspecting factories, goods, and negotiating costs. Globe Promotions only works with audited factories that meet international standards for quality and social compliance. For all orders we use accredited, international third party agencies for product and safety testing as well as quality control. Our overseas staff also conducts random site checks to ensure quality.